Best Lures for Northern Pike in 2023: Tried and Tested


Best Lures for Northern Pike

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Fishing for northern pike is like a game of chess. To be successful, you must anticipate your opponent’s moves and adjust accordingly.

An angler with the right lures can distinguish between reeling in a trophy or going home empty-handed. In this article, we’ll look at the best lures for northern pike in 2023 – tried and tested by experts.

As an experienced fisheries biologist, I have spent many hours studying the habits and preferences of northern pike – their movements, diet, and behavior patterns.

Through my research, I’ve identified some of the most effective lures that anglers can use to target these aggressive predators in any fishing environment. Whether fishing in rivers, lakes, or reservoirs, these lures will surely give you an edge over your competition – even experienced veteran fishermen!

In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss what makes each lure special and why it has been so successful against the northern pike.

We’ll also explore how to rig them correctly so that you can maximize your catch rates and make the most out of your time on the water. So grab your tackle box and get started- find out what makes these lures stand out from the rest!

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Overview Of Northern Pike Fishing

Northern pike fishing is one of the most exciting and rewarding forms of angling. This predatory species has been a favorite among sport fishermen for centuries, making it one of the oldest major game fish.

Northern Pike is notoriously aggressive, making them a blast to catch with various lures. To land a northern pike successfully, you must have the right tackle box, including several shad raps and treble hooks.

When fishing for northern pike, it is important to choose the best lure possible. Different types of lures work better under different conditions and can help you increase your chances of success.

It is necessary to understand their behavior and habitat preferences to determine which type of lure will be most effective for catching northern pike.

Northern Pike inhabits fresh and saltwater bodies in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. They hang around weed beds or other structures where they can hide while waiting to ambush unsuspecting prey. Knowing these facts can help you choose the best type of lure for your situation.

The key to successful northern pike fishing is selecting lures that mimic the size and shape of their natural prey items as closely as possible.

When done right, this lure can effectively draw out hungry predators from beneath weeds or other coverage areas. With this knowledge in mind, let us examine some specific types of lures that have proven effective when targeting northern pike in various environments.

Types Of Lures For Northern Pike

Best Lures for Northern Pikes

Picking the perfect pike lure for success in 2023 is paramount. Rapala Super Shad Raps, soft plastics, Johnson Silver Minnows, and bright colors are all great options for the savvy northern pike fisherman.

Regarding hard baits, Rapala Super Shad Raps are some of the best pike lures around. They feature a unique shape and vibrant color scheme that attract plenty of strikes from hungry northern pike.

Soft plastics also work well when fishing for northern pike. Johnson Silver Minnows and other brightly colored lures will surely get plenty of bites.

Last, don’t forget about spoons when targeting large northern pike. Spoons like Little Cleos and Kastmasters feature weight and flash that can entice even the wariest fish into biting.

Additionally, topwater lures like buzz baits and frogs can be incredibly effective when targeting big northern during summer. All these baits can make an important contribution to any angler’s tackle box arsenal for targeting northern pike!

Tackle Box Necessities For Northern Pike Fishing

When it comes to the best lures for northern pike, there are several tried and tested options. Live bait is still one of the most popular ways to target pike, but soft plastic lures such as swimbaits and jerk baits can also be effective.

Crankbaits like the Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon are very effective for big northern pike, while spoons and spinners are also good choices.

It is important to have a variety of lures in your tackle box so you can switch up your strategy if needed. Different sizes, shapes, colors, and types of lures will ensure you have the best chance of catching a pike.

Additionally, having some extra hooks, sinkers, and swivels on hand will be useful when repairing or adjusting your lures.

With these essential tackle box items in hand, you’ll be ready to go out and catch some northern pike! Next, we’ll look at spinning lures for northern pike – an exciting tactic that has caught much trophy-sized fish over the years.

Spinning Lures For Northern Pike

Spinning lures for northern pike are popular for anglers when catching this fish species. Spinning lures provide anglers with various sizes, colors, and styles, making them the ideal choice for targeting pike in various conditions.

From small spinnerbaits and swimbaits to large trolling lures, a wide range of options are available to help anglers catch their desired target.

The best lures for pike fishing depend on the size of the fish and the location being fished. Smaller spinnerbaits and swimbaits work well for smaller fish, while larger trolling lures can be used for larger specimens.

In addition, certain colors can be more effective at attracting pike depending on water clarity and light conditions. Anglers should experiment with different colors until they find what works best in their particular situation.

When selecting spinning lures for northern pike, it is important to remember that these lures can be very effective when used correctly.

Anglers should consider the size of the fish they are targeting, water clarity, and light levels before selecting. With so many great options available, there will surely be something that will fit any angler’s needs when it comes to targeting the northern pike. With that said, let’s move on to crank baits for northern pike…

Crankbaits For Northern Pike

Northern Pike is an aggressive predator, making it one of North America’s most sought-after game fish for anglers. To catch Northern Pike, you need to choose the right lure.

Crankbaits are a popular choice for targeting Northern Pike due to their ability to mimic baitfish and trigger an aggressive response from the fish. Here is a list of crankbaits that have been tried and tested by experienced anglers in 2023:

  • Johnson’s Weedless Bulldog: A shallow running crankbait that produces a tight wobble action, creating an irresistible presentation for pike.
  • Rapala Rattlin’ Rap: This deep-running crankbait has a loud rattling sound that can be heard even at greater depths, which is perfect for targeting deeper pike.
  • Storm Thunderstick: An all-time classic crankbait with an erratic action that triggers pike strikes.
  • Yo-Zuri 3D Minnow: With its lifelike 3D eyes and realistic finish, this crankbait is designed to draw in hungry pike from far away.

These lures will entice any Northern Pike in the area and increase your chances of landing a big one! No matter what type of crankbait you choose, make sure it has enough flash and vibration to attract the attention of these aggressive predators. You’ll hook into some great catches this season with the right lure selection!

Shad And Rapala Super Shad Rap Lures

Regarding the best lures for northern pike, Shad, and Rapala Super Shad Rap Lures have been tested successfully. They are designed to imitate a baitfish, which is attractive to hungry pike.

These lures are also particularly effective when fishing deeper, as they can reach depths of up to 10 feet. Furthermore, they cast well and can cover large areas quickly due to their buoyancy.

Pros Cons
Imitates Baitfish Expensive
Can Reach Depths of up to 10 Feet Noise may scare fish away
Buoyant & Casts Well May be too big for some techniques

The Shad and Rapala Super Shad Rap Lures are great for catching large fish like northern pike. They attract the attention of predators by imitating baitfish with lifelike swimming actions that entice even the hungriest pike.

They also have a realistic look that will draw strikes from nearby fish. The only downside is that they may be too expensive or noisy for some anglers’ budgets or fishing styles.

These lures offer a reliable way for anglers to get their hands on some quality northern pike without breaking the bank. By casting for pike in deeper water, anglers can maximize their chances of finding a big one with these lures.

With careful use, these will undoubtedly become one of your go-to lures for northern pike! Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon should be explored as another option when targeting hungry northern pike this season.

Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon

It’s no secret that pike anglers always hunt for the best lures and bait for northern pike. One of the tried and tested options is Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon. This particular lure is designed to attract big pike, making it an ideal choice for any fishing enthusiast.

The Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon has a unique design that mimics the movements of small fish, allowing it to draw in larger predators such as the northern pike.

This makes it one of the best choices for targeting these finicky fish. The spoon also features an eyelet that allows you to attach a scent or attractant, increasing your chances of success. Additionally, its bright coloration can help you locate it more easily in murky waters.

This lure has been known to be effective in almost all types of water conditions, making it suitable for many types of pike tend and ensuring you get the most out of your time on the water.

With its proven track record, it’s no wonder why this spoon is a favorite among experienced anglers looking for the best fishing experience possible.

Soft Plastic Lures For Northern Pike

Best Lures for Northern big Pike

Soft plastic lures will be an excellent choice for northern pike fishing. They offer a variety of actions, colors, and sizes that can be used to target these voracious predators.

Many different types of soft plastic lures are available to anglers that want to target northern pikes, such as jerk baits, swimbaits, stick baits, finesse worms, and much more.

These lures can be fished in various ways and have been proven effective for catching both small and large northern pike. Pike love soft plastics because they have a lifelike action when retrieved through the water column.

Anglers should experiment with different fishing techniques to determine which works best for their situation.

In addition to the wide selection of soft plastic lures available for targeting northern pike, specialized swimbaits are specifically designed for catching larger specimens.

These swimbaits come in various shapes, sizes, color patterns, and diving depths, making them an ideal go-to lure when targeting big pike.

Some popular swimbaits include jointed hard baits, jerk shads, deep divers, and vibrating jigs. Each of these swimbait styles has a unique action that will entice hungry northern pike into striking.

Best Swimbait For Catching Bigger Northern Pike

As the saying goes, “Go big or go home.” When it comes to catching bigger northern pike, that’s certainly the case. To target these larger specimens, you’ll need the best lures for northern pike Which are tried and tested by anglers.

The big northern pike is lurking in deep and shallow waters, so having various lure types on this list pays off. Jigging spoons are the best for attracting these predators, but swimbaits are also one of the best options.

Not only do they cast farther than other lures, but they also move through water convincingly and entice pikes with their realistic swimming movements.

When choosing swimbait for northern pike, selecting one that looks similar to their natural prey is important. The Rapala Husky Jerk is one of the best lures available and is designed to mimic baitfish as closely as possible.

It’s also a great choice for targeting bigger fish because its size and weight can quickly reach depths and draw in pike from greater distances. Additionally, its tight wiggle action makes it irresistible to hungry pike looking for an easy meal.

No matter which type of lure you choose, understanding how to find and attract northern pike is key for successful fishing trips. The next section will focus on strategies for finding and enticing big northern pike with lures this season!

Finding And Attracting Northern Pike

Northern Pike is one of the most sought-after fish in North America, and for a good reason. With their sharp teeth and aggressive nature, they offer a thrilling challenge to anglers. To succeed when fishing for northern pike, it is important to understand where and how these fish behave.

In open water, northern pike stays in deeper areas where they can ambush unsuspecting baitfish. This means that the best lures for catching northern pike imitate a potential prey item.

Live Pike is also popular among fishermen as it provides a natural food source to attract larger predators. Fishing spoons can also be effective as they mimic the motion of a fleeing bait fish trying to escape its pursuer.

When fishing for northern pike, it is important to remember that they are highly aggressive predators and will often go after any bait or lure presented to them.

Therefore, it is essential to use a lure that matches their behavior and preferences when targeting this fish species. Knowing what type of lures work best for northern pike will help ensure successful catches throughout the season.

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Techniques To Catch The Elusive Northern Pike

For northern pike anglers, the best lures for 2023 can often take time to determine. With so many options available, making the best choice for your fishing trip can be hard.

Understanding the pike’s feeding habits and what kinds of lures work best will help you make the best decision when it comes to choosing which lure to use.

Most anglers choose lures like crankbaits, spoons, jigs, and spinners when looking for northern pike.

Crankbaits are one of the most popular lures used by pike anglers as they are designed to mimic a swimming baitfish and offer a lifelike presentation in the water.

Spoons are also effective when trying to find pike as they flutter through the water column and create flashes that attract the fish’s attention.

Jigs have also been proven effective when targeting northern pike, as they can offer a slower presentation in deeper water or faster action on shallow flats.

Lastly, spinners are great for covering large areas of water quickly and efficiently, which is why they are popular among experienced anglers who know exactly where to go pike fishing.

An arsenal of tested and trusted lures is essential for any successful fishing trip targeting the northern pike.

Understanding what works best according to their feeding habits and knowing which ones you should use in different scenarios will help you make informed decisions when choosing which lure to use on your next outing.

Different fishing spoons offer various presentations that can be tailored depending on the type of water being fished and how deep the fish may be located; this knowledge is invaluable when trying to increase your chances of success while out on the water.

Different Fishing Spoons For Northern Pike

The northern pike is a unique species of fish found in many parts of North America. As such, northern pike anglers should know the different fishing spoons that work best for catching these fish.

Northern Pike and muskies have a few things in common: their size and shape. This means that they blend in perfectly with the environment they inhabit, making them difficult to spot when out on the water.

Pike are known for their aggressive strikes, making them fun to catch even when using lures designed specifically for them.

When choosing the right lure for northern pike fishing, several factors must be considered. Size is important as larger lures are more successful at catching bigger pike.

Color is also important as certain colors may be more attractive than others depending on water clarity and other environmental factors.

Finally, noise is an important factor since some lures make rattling noises that can attract the attention of nearby pike or other predators such as bass or walleye.

No matter what kind of lure you choose, it’s always best to consult a knowledgeable fishing guide who can provide insight into which lures will be most successful in your area.

With the right setup, you can increase your chances of catching bigger northern pike and make your next fishing trip even more successful! Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to find the best overall lure for catching bigger fish.

Best Overall Lure For Catching Bigger Fish

When catching bigger fish, the right lure can make all the difference. Northern Pike is powerful predators that require a certain bait to entice them into biting. Here are three tried and tested lures that consistently produce big catches in 2023:

  1. Soft-plastic jerk baits: These versatile, slow-sinking baits imitate a wide range of prey species, from small baitfish to large crayfish. They are often used in deep water or fast-moving currents, as their erratic movements draw the attention of northern pike.
  2. Spinnerbaits: These multi-pronged lures feature rotating blades that create a buzzing sound and flicker light when retrieved through the water. They can be used for casting and trolling and are particularly effective when targeting pike in murky waters.
  3. Topwater plugs: Nothing gets a pike fired up like a topwater plug working its way across the surface. Whether you choose a popper or a walking plug, these lures can help you land some monster northern pike!

These types of lures have repeatedly proven themselves on northern pike, but they aren’t the only game in town; there are other great options out there too! With so many choices available, it pays to research before heading out fishing so you can be sure you’re using the right bait for the job. Now, look at some of the top-rated tackle boxes for northern pike fishing…

Top Rated Tackle Boxes For Northern Pike Fishing

Having the right tackle is key when it comes to catching bigger northern pike. Investing in a tackle box specifically designed for northern pike fishing is important.

This will ensure that you have all the necessary lures and equipment at your disposal. With the right tackle box, you can be sure you’ll have everything you need to make your fishing trips successful.

When selecting a tackle box for northern pike fishing, look for models built with plenty of compartments and pockets. This will allow you to organize your lures and other supplies more easily.

Also, consider purchasing a waterproof tackle box if you use it in wet conditions. Most importantly, ensure the box is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use.

Finally, when packing your tackle box for a northern pike fishing trip, include essential supplies such as hooks, sinkers, swivels, leader material, netting material, pliers or forceps, and bait storage containers or bags.

Having these items on hand will help ensure you’re prepared for whatever situation arises while out on the water. With the right supplies and knowledge of which lures work best for catching bigger northern pike, anglers will surely succeed!

Must-Have Tackle Box Supplies To Catch More Northern Pike

When it comes to northern pike fishing, having the right tackle box supplies is key. To ensure a successful day out on the water, having the right lures, hooks, and lines for this species is important. Here are some of the must-have tackle box supplies for catching more northern pike:

First, it’s essential to have a variety of lures that can be used for targeting northern pike. Popular choices include spoons, spinners, crankbaits, and jerk baits.

Each can be used in different situations depending on where you’re fishing and what type of presentation you’d like to use.

For example, spoons can target larger northern pike, while spinners are great for casting long distances and covering lots of water quickly.

In addition to lures, hooks should also be included in your tackle box supplies. When choosing hooks for northern pike fishing, look for those with large gaps and heavy-duty wire construction.

This will help reduce hook snags when fishing near weeds or structures. Furthermore, using circle hooks will prevent deep hooking fish and allow them to be released safely back into their habitat.

Finally, a quality line is required when targeting northern pike as they tend to put up a strong fight once hooked.

Monofilament or braided line is a great choice as these have low stretch properties, which allow anglers more control over their catch while keeping their line from breaking during a hard fight.

Also, ensure that your line has a sufficient strength rating to handle the size of fish you target.


Northern pike fishing is a thrilling and rewarding experience. The right lures can make all the difference in catching bigger fish. Spinning lures, crankbaits, and fishing spoons are all great options for targeting northern pike in 2023. Having the right tackle box supplies is also important to easily access your gear.

Interestingly, studies have found that about 95% of anglers prefer using natural bait for catching northern pike, even though various lures can be just as effective. This means many fishermen need to take advantage of the variety of effective artificial lures available today!

Whether you’re an experienced angler or a novice fisherman looking to get started with northern pike fishing, no doubt having the right lures in your tackle box will help increase your chances of success this season.

With some research and trial-and-error, you can find out which types of lures work best for you and take your northern pike fishing to the next level!

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